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Travel Status Update: Fulfilled without owning a house!

Travel Status Update: Fulfilled without owning a house!

The Travel Status is an online travel diary documenting a year long adventure into the unknown! Carly and Tim, a beautiful Aussie couple, have taken a plunge, quit their corporate jobs and set off on the journey of the lifetime. Their blog follows their wild escapades and makes us, as readers, incredibly green with envy. They inspire that spontaneous adventurer that lies dormant in all of us!

After speaking with Carly and Tim it is clear that they are a fantastically compatible team. Initially the pair were considering buying their first home in Australia. After years of saving, researching and busting their butts to get onto the property ladder they soon realised it was unattainable with their idealistic goals (millennial dreamers- 5 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, indoor/outdoor pool).

They concluded that a more realistic and more exciting adventure would be to put their hard earned money towards something more mentally satisfying, thus The Travel Status was born! The nomads have just travelled through Brazil and now experiencing all that the stunning landscape of Canada has to offer. Lapping up life experiences with their love it live it lifestyle (liliLife baby!) 


They are ridin' dirty, staying in backpackers and jumping on buses to get around. Hot showers are a luxury and motion sickness from the winding dirt roads is regular.

Tim spoke to us about the idea of satisfaction.

He says “I am starting to realise that satisfaction comes in different forms, and not necessarily just a big salary.” Tim went from high school into university into full time work, and had never had more than 4 weeks off. He said now that he has had a break from the “normal” day to day life he has gained perspective and is even considering changing career paths.

Carly described their time in Guatemala, staying with a family in their home. She continued to compare how they lived to the Australian lifestyle. 

Their experience of Guatemalan lunchtime differs dramatically from back home.

In this particular village, the community goes home for lunch and shares fabulous food and conversation with their family and friends each day. She observed that the love and closeness of the family (the whole extended family living under the same roof), was extraordinary. Carly compared this wonderful experience to her previous quick and isolated sushi work lunch that she ate at her desk.


Upon reflection, the couple have come to recognise that their goals for a house have already changed mid-way through their journey. Will a huge mortgage make them happy? Or will a townhouse or an apartment be sufficient?

These motivating and enthusiastic travellers are living their best life, pushing their boundaries and are coming out the other end accomplished and fulfilled. 

Moral of the story: Do what makes you happy!

They are currently taking a digital detox and a well-deserved break from their backpacker life, taking a 15-night repositioning cruise across the Bering Sea, sailing from Vancouver up to Alaska, and over to Japan. 

Follow their journey through their website  The Travel Status_x000D_ Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too :)

Author: Phoebe Braithwaite

Images: with thanks to Carly and Tim from The Travel Status_