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Meet Krizia from Concrete Geometric

Meet Krizia from Concrete Geometric

Krizia Flores is a girl boss. Searching for something more creative and fulfilling, she quit her day job editing still photography for films at Universal Studios to take her passion project, Concrete Geometric, full time. In the 2 years that have followed, Krizia has made bowls, vessels and trays in intricate shapes and colours from cast concrete, and sells her wares online, at markets and through various Concrete Geometric stockists across the United States. I caught up with the Los Angeles native to find out more about her work, her journey, and what it’s like to pursue artistic passion.

Meet Krizia from Concrete Geometric

What sparked your creative journey and how did you get started making concrete products?

I’ve always been a very DIY person. I was extremely bored at my day job so I started to make small products that I could potentially art direct and shoot myself for portfolio work. Some of the pieces I decided to make were concrete and that's how it all began. I was really into sacred geometry at the time so that was a huge inspiration for the design.

Concrete is a pretty interesting material to work with for non-construction purposes! Why did you choose concrete?

I chose it because I found it to be perceived as this rough material, which it is. I wanted to make it a delicate looking type of product.

What skills did you need to learn to make cast concrete shapes? Was it something you’d learned previously?

I had never cast before. It was a tonne of trial and error at the beginning. I watched YouTube videos on casting and looked for concrete experts to ask many questions. I still don't consider myself a concrete pro but I have learned a lot about the material in the process.

Your products have a very natural look to them. Where do you find your inspiration for the different shapes and colours?

Living in California alone is such an inspiration. You can literally drive to Death Valley desert one day and the beach the next, depending on the season you can even probably drive to Mammoth and check out some snow. I’ve recently been visiting a lot of rock formations around and picking up pieces that really just resonated with my style.

What is one of the biggest challenges of running Concrete Geometric?

Running everything. I still answer all emails, shoot all product, make all product myself. It’s hard to want to create new collections when you’re constantly playing catch up with orders. It all works out somehow.

Your products are available for wholesale, as well as direct to customers in your online store and at markets and fairs. What’s it like having your own creations in stores across the U.S.?

Its surreal, like when I see them in places I never thought I’d have product in I almost have to pinch myself. It was a lot of work and that's a great reward.

You created a concrete Converse sneaker for a collaboration with West Coast Craft, which was auctioned off for a youth art charity. Are there any other collaborations on the horizon for Concrete Geometric?

Currently I am working with the city of Los Angeles and the Mayor's office on a project, so that's exciting. Sometimes I like to reach out to people to collaborate on projects that challenge me as a designer to grow.

What else can we expect to see from Concrete Geometric in 2017/ 2018?

New pieces for sure. I’m really into minerals so I’m working on the mineral pieces daily. Testing a tonne of stuff, pigments, textures. It's a lot of fun.

Do you have any advice you can share for fellow creatives and artists that are looking to sell their works for wholesale or retail?

The only advice I have is ask a lot of questions. Find someone you really look up to and just offer them some lunch or coffee for advice. Try to be as resourceful as you can be at the beginning. Lots of sacrifice is so important when you are starting out. 

Watch Krizia’s journey unfold on Instagram @concretegeometric, along with stunning inspiration and product shots. US residents can shop the Concrete Geometric range online here.

Author: Zoie May

Images: with thanks to Krizia Flores_