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Celebrating Brisbane with explosions of colour!

Celebrating Brisbane with explosions of colour!

liliLife® is a celebration of life. How we live it and what inspires us.

When I studied Fine Arts at Uni in Tassie, I thought that there was nothing that I could really “do” with my degree. I look back over 20 years to that first degree and I think of how much it influenced who I am and how it has played a role and continues to provide joy in virtually every aspect of my life - personally and professionally.  

I have lived in Brisbane now for over fifteen years and it is a wonderful mix of vibrant city buzz to sleepy suburbs by the bay. Whilst we don’t really have distinctive seasons, like in Tasmania, you will find that different times of the year the trees fruit / flower some incredible colours. Our quintessential Queenslanders are a celebration of who we are and how we live. Couple the two together and you have the inspiring artwork from Debra Hood

What Debra has built in her artist practice and business is a wonderful example of how you can use that god ol’ ‘Fine Arts’ degree ;)

I have been a lover of her work for many years and I am so stoked to now stock some of her goodies in our liliLife® shop

So I wanted to introduce you a little more to her work and her journey.

Based in Brisbane, Debra’s painting style has emerged over the years to become something that is recognisable as Brisbane’s style / personality / flavour / whatever-you-wish-to-call-it.

Two elements emerge from her brightly-coloured paintings, a celebration and love of the Queenslander and the brightly-coloured dotted confetti of the surrounding flora. The forced and distorted composition and perspective makes the 2D become 3D. You could say, the paintings embrace you like a warm hug.

The success in Debra’s brand, I believe, comes from her diversification of the application of her artwork. She has developed: aprons, puzzles, t-towels, magnets, socks, silk scarves, memory games, colouring books, keyrings, umbrellas, coasters and so much more.  

Debra has also had her artwork applied to various civic and private assets; from traffic signal boxes and murals, to the gorgeous kookaburras of the Paddington Terraces Village Precinct Project, Kooka! Trail, to the full wrap of a City Cat. She is also commissioned by the Brisbane City Council to supply gifts for Lord Mayor’s Business Awards Winners'.

I shouldn’t forget that she also founded Southside Art Market and Southside Artists Inc. SSAM is the largest Fine Art focused Market in Brisbane and hosts a variety of talented creatives from beginners to collectible professionals. 

I love colour. I need colour. Debra Hood’s goodies provide me with colour. I’m looking forward to doing one of the puzzles over the Christmas break. #WatchThisSpace

See Debra Hood Art products from liliLife® HERE

Image credit: Debra Hood


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