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Home Gardening is now made effortless and enjoyable!

Home Gardening is now made effortless and enjoyable!

Anyone—yes even you—can grow veggies with Little Veggie Patch Co

When it comes to growing plants, some of us seem to be born with a green thumb, while others are—to put it kindly—horticulturally challenged. If you sit firmly in the latter category, the idea of growing your own vegetables, no matter how whimsical an idea, probably seems completely out of reach.

But the team behind Little Veggie Patch Co believes anyone can grow their own food, no matter their skillset or even the space they have at their disposal.

The Australian business started back in 2008, installing raised garden beds and edible gardens in people’s homes. At the time, the slow food movement was growing, and people were becoming more aware of where their produce comes from, so the business quickly built and evolved.

In 2009, they expanded by releasing a range of heirloom seeds. Much like a family heirloom, which is passed down from generation to generation, an heirloom seed is an old variety, that is then open-pollinated, by wind, insects, animals or humans. The seeds collected produce almost an identical copy of their parent plant, meaning the vegetables you can grow can keep tasting just as good as their predecessor. 

To this day, Little Veggie Patch Co remains passionate about continuing to show people that it’s not difficult to grow your own produce. They’ve released a range of books and gardening products to inspire people to grow their own produce, but the heirloom seeds still remain a core part of what they do.



Little Veggie Patch Co’s heirloom seeds range started with four varieties of tomatoes, and it’s now grown to more than 50 varieties, including vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. There’s everything from basil, chives and chilli, through to watermelon, spinachcapsicum, and many more

Looking for a good place to start? Their Culinary Herbs Seed Kit will have your kitchen bursting with the heavy scents of basil, coriander, thyme, chives and parsley. Want to step things up on your plate? The Edible Flowers Seed Kit will not only allow you to grow colourful creations that can be admired on the plate and then eaten, but growing the flowers encourages predators and pollinators to play in your garden, helping your veggie patch thrive. And what better time to start dabbling in gardening than from a young age. The Kids Seed Kit has vegetables that they claim even toddler’s could grow—and may even want to eat too. The littlies can grow beans, peas, carrots, sunflowers and strawberries.

Yes, vegetables that even your toddler could grow! These plant varieties have been chosen for their ease of germination, fast growth habits and general 'likeability'* and so cater to little people with short attention spans.

All of the heirloom seeds are easy to grow in small spaces, and come with all the planting instructions you need to grow your own masterpiece. The kits also come with biodegradable propagating pots and reusable plant labels.

You’ll not only be able to tuck into delicious, fresh produce grown in your very own garden, but also impress your friends with your own yield, and cut down on your grocery bill. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

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