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Company Profile: The Beach People

Company Profile: The Beach People



Aussie sisters Victoria and Emma have mastered the classic beach essentials with their range of sea and boho inspired products from their multinational successful company, The Beach People. It all started with a big round tasseled towel that could be sprawled upon at the beach. This “roundie” then quickly grew to become a staple for any beachgoers, from Aussie shores to all across the globe. lili Life talks to the sister power duo about their journey and rise as the The Beach People became a global phenomenon.

With a massive following of 290K Instagram followers, how much do you believe social media platforms have contributed to the success of The Beach People as a multinational company?

V: Instagram was our launch platform when we first started The Beach People almost 3 years ago. We didn’t have much money left in our budget to do any traditional marketing, so we launched on Instagram for free and our followers grew organically. It’s been a joy to watch sea lovers all around the world lazing in the sun with their roundies…


Was the decision to quit your previous day jobs in search of a new entrepreneurial adventure a hard one to make? Any advice to those thinking of going off on their on business venture?

V: I worked in a café early mornings and then would come home and pack orders and answer emails till late in the night. Finally the time came when I just couldn’t keep up, so I quit my paying job to work for what felt like a million more hours for myself for not much money. Good times, haha, but so worth it.

E: We are lucky to have very supportive husbands. We put everything we had on the line, house deposits everything. It was risky but we all decided that rather risk it all, then live your life wondering if anyone would like a round towel…


I’ve read in numerous articles that you grew up with prominent female figures in your life, how do you think these early influences affected your drive to succeed as businesswomen?

E: Our parents owned small businesses growing up. My mother always worked. My Grandmother purchased and renovated a hotel in Surfers Paradise at age 65. She acted as if age and gender weren’t a thing and you just do what comes naturally. She passed away last month at age 99, squeezing every last bit out of life and we intend to follow in her footsteps and do the same.

What brands/ products/ people have inspired you throughout both your personal and professional lives?

V: We have some wonderful business mentors that we work closely with. I would encourage anyone thinking of going into business to find a person who they connect with who you can bounce ideas off and get clear, wise, direction from.

E: Living in Kingscliff, we have a wonderful, supportive, and inspirational community of friends and family. Real life everyday people.  If I’ve had a bad day I can text a girlfriend and say “ beach in 10?” and the minute we get there I jump in the water, wash the day away, we have a good chat, and the world is a better place…


You can find out more info on Victoria and Emma and all things The Beach People at their site below. Website Facebook Instagram __________________________________________________________________________Author: Montana Minchner 

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