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Artist Profile- Megan Weston

Artist Profile- Megan Weston
MWestonArt-11 If you’re anything like me, an appreciator of the fine arts, your list of favourite artists either come from childhood inspirations or from the suggestions pop-up on your Instagram feed… Or if you watch The Block, you may have heard of Megan Weston; a self-taught artist based in Barwon Heads on the Victorian coast. The moment I saw her works, I just fell in love. It combines abstraction and a sense of ‘organised chaos ’through a contemporary lens. Inspired by aerial photography, Megan is renowned for her atmospheric abstract landscapes and intuitive approach to colour composition. She has developed a small but loyal following in recent years, but thanks to The Block has been bolstered and has garnered more admirers of her work. 150424-MeganWeston-Fenton-006 As a young child, Megan possessed an inclination for art, taking after her mother and aunt who had encouraged her to start creating her own works later in life. Now, Megan attends a private intuition, stating that it’s important to change and evolve one’s style – an aspect that is part of her trademark style. MWestonArt-35 150424-MeganWeston-Fenton-001 Besides aerial photography, Megan is also inspired by everyday life, things down the street, magazines, books, and anything else in between. But above all else, vivid colours spark her creative process and grows from there. Megan has an eye to find patterns in nature and looks for new ways to portray them for the modern viewer. Her constant experimenting and researching refines her techniques in acrylic, ink, and resin as she creates layered works on large-scale canvases with dramatic colour palettes. Megan often works on multiple pieces at once, her process is a careful balance between conceptualising and spontaneity while working in a methodical manner. Her works can be found through the supportive stockist Fenton and Fenton, a popular Melbournian retail store, that feature her harmonious mixture of organised chaos and abstraction of the earth. MeganWeston@Fenton+08WEB You can find out more about Megan Weston on her links below: Website Facebook Instagram
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