Brisbane Open House 2017

November 11, 2017

Welcome, come inside

Brisbane Open House last month, was in full swing for it’s eighth year of opening Brisbane’s iconic and historical buildings to the public.

If you’re new to the worldwide Open House movement, the event is a celebration of the exceptional and unique architecture of buildings in cities around the world, including London, New York, Rome, Barcelona, and many more. The movement is all about encouraging citizens to learn more about the architectural elements of their city, and gain an appreciation for the design of both contemporary and historical landmarks.

Back in 2010, Brisbane joined the Open House family, and since then the event has become a much-anticipated weekend for architecture fans and residents of Brisbane who want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the city, and this year was no different.

Over 90 iconic Brisbane buildings opened their doors to the public, including new additions like the Anne Mears Velodrome, and St Joseph’s Nudgee College, as well as returning buildings, including 1 William Street, Queensland Art Gallery, Peters Ice Cream factory, and the Treasury Heritage Hotel.

The event had a strong focus on sustainability, and showcased buildings which have been designed with social, economic, and environmental sustainability in mind. Here in Brisbane we could check out the Ecosciences Precinct, or take the Green Hearts walking tour in Southbank, and learn how innovative infrastructure is keeping our city clean and sustainable for future generations.

480 Queen Street

One such building we visited was 480 Queen Street, a 34 storey building, designed to incorporate elements of modern architecture, sustainability, and the history of the land. The building features a rooftop park with views of the Story Bridge, and large murals of Australian rainforests. The building owners promote sustainability and encourage tenants to ride to work, providing an indoor bicycle rack with over 600 spots, and 45 showers.

480 Queen Street

480 Queen Street

The ABC Centre in Southbank also opened its doors to the public, with guided tours of the radio and television studios, giving viewers an insight into how their favourite shows are produced each week. Visitors to the centre were lucky enough to be in the recording studio while popular presenter Rebecca Levingston was on air, and avid listeners and children attending were excited to join her in a sign off.

ABC, Southbank with Rebecca Levingston

1 William Street, however, was by far one of the most popular buildings of the event, with lines outside and around the corner of the street, before it even opened. 1 William Street, a commercial office block for the Queensland Public Service, was designed to be symbolic of Queensland’s purpose, identity, and future, and has become an iconic addition to the city’s skyline.

1 William Street

Thousands attended the tours, concerts, public speaker events, and interactive activities held over the weekend, and next year’s Brisbane Open House is expected to be just as popular. 

It is a weekend for those who love history, architecture, urban design, photography and their city!

Author: Maddie Manwaring
Images above: supplied by author


Below are some of our fave Instagram Photos, from some creative souls who captured their experience so poetically.

Img: @ruselvis (Instagram)

Img: @ruselvis (Instagram)

Img: @_travellingpigeon_ (Instagram)

Img: @_travellingpigeon_ (Instagram)

Img: @cloud_dwellers/ (Instagram) – architecture-lovers, but also architects themselves!

Img: @dextakesphotos (Instagram), a damn fine photographer also!

Img: @hezza314 (Instagram), a damn fine photographer!

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