A Swimming Tour of the Sunshine Coast

June 21, 2017

Swimming in Sunshine Coast

Get the gang together; pack the road trip snacks, and get the aux master on the beats because we’re heading to the Sunshine “Sunny” Coast! So let’s dip our toes right into the water and take a tour around the coast – swimming style.

Stop #1
We know it’s been a long trip with your feet up around your head trying to fit everything in the car but destination number one is a ripper, so stretch those legs out because this secret spot comes with a bit of a walk!

Swimming in Sunshine Coast

Buderim Falls, also known as Serenity Falls, is about a 5 minute drive from the main street of Buderim. The car park at the falls leads onto a scenic rainforest walk that journeys down to the main waterfall. But don’t just stop there, there’s a never ending stream of rockpools and waterfalls for you to discover if you adventure around a bit.

Stop #2
Ahhh, mother nature you are damn beautiful. Noosa is probably one of the most beautiful stretches of sand and water and rainforest that you’re likely to find. Two points of interest in Noosa are what the locals have come to call the “fairy pools” and Sunshine Beach. The fairy pools are a bit of a trek up the path in the National Park but you’ll pass heaps of cute little beaches on the way like Little Cover and Tea Tree Bay. The fairy pools condone skinny dipping with a sign on entry saying “skinny dipping allowed”, which has probably become one of the most instagrammed posts.

Noosa beaches can get a little crazy and overcrowded so Sunshine Beach is our pick to escape all of the people and enjoy the waves. If you’re up for the challenge there’s a killer set of stairs at the very point of the beach that will be sure to put your heart rate through the roof.

Swimming in Sunshine Coast

Swimming in the  Sunshine Coast

Stop #3
Alright this one’s only for the kids who have 4WD because to get to Double Island Point there’s a half an hour drive along a stretch of Rainbow Beach. You’ve got to time this trip with the tides so you can make it past the rocks on the point without drowning your vehicle but the drive only adds to the fun of the trip. Everyone you pass normally has a drink in hand in the back of a Ute #aussiefeels. Once you reach the point of Double Island there’s a walking path up to the lighthouse, heaps of rockpools, sand dunes and great surf! Most people turn this into a camping trip and set up camp on the beach for the night but can also be done as a day trip.

Swimming on Sunshine Coast

Hopefully this mini pocket guide of Sunshine Coast swimming areas will inspire some of you to jump into the blue (literally) and immerse yourself (not even sorry) in some amazing new experiences.

Sunshine Coast Swimming

AUTHOR: Montana Mincher
Images courtesy of Montana Mincher

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