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How to start every morning feeling positive

How to start every morning feeling positive

Sometimes we all need a bit of morning motivation; to get out of bed, but more importantly to start our day right. Waking up with a positive frame of mind can change how your whole day pans out. Here are my top 10 morning affirmations. If you say something enough you will start to believe it. And as Oprah says…. ‘You become what you believe.’


1. I am excited about today

Go on say it! Even if you are really not excited about that big meeting you have at work today, or having to write an assignment. Tell yourself you're excited and you will start to believe it. I am excited… about my morning coffee. I am excited… that it’s sunny today. I am excited… for my delicious lunch. Get excited about the little things and you will start to look forward to your day and not dread it.

morning coffee

2. I choose to be happy & I love my life

Everything is your choice. Yes, some things in life get us down. We all have bad days, bad weeks, even bad years! But you choose how you feel, you choose how you decide to look at life. And trust me, loving your life is the key to happiness. Nothing is perfect but learn to love what you have. Tell yourself you love your life and sure enough you will start to love it.


3. Something wonderful is about to happen to me

I love this one. Always believe something amazing is about to happen. The world is a beautiful place. And wonderful things happen everyday. Go through your day believing that something magical is about to happen. Believe in the magic of our universe.


4. I am a work in progress, I will get there a little at a time

We all have those moments when we feel like we are trying so hard and nothing is changing. The diet we have been slogging away at and not seeing a change, the job we have been busting our butts at but we’re still not where we want to be. Stop beating yourself up. Nothing happens overnight. Keep going, and keep telling yourself you're getting there. Everyday is another step, another bit of progress.


5. I am strong in mind and in body

Sometimes we feel weak. A little helpless and beaten down. Well pick yourself up girl! You are strong. Mentally and physically. You can do this! Wake up, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are strong. Then slap on some makeup and go be the queen that you are. Take some advice from Audrey Hepburn… ‘I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong, I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls, I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.’ channel your inner Audrey girls. She is in there, telling you to be strong.


6. Today I will be positive

Ah positivity. A great word. My ex boyfriend used to say this word to me so much that I wanted to slap him. But seriously guys, be positive. We all get ourselves worked up when everything is going wrong. We find it hard to see the light in anything. But you have to try! Being negative gets us nowhere. It makes everything seem so much worse than it actually is. Say ‘today I will be positive’ to yourself over and over until you’re blue in the face and everything in your life will start to seem less blue (except your face).


7. Today I will create my own sunshine

We all know the feeling when we wake up and it’s grey and miserable outside. The whole day ahead has a grey fog all over it, literally and metaphorically. Well sometimes you just need to get over it and go out and make your own sunshine. Screw the clouds, screw the rain. Put on your cutest rain boots and go be brilliant anyway. You are a little ray of sunshine.


8. Why be moody when you can shake your booty?

This one's a bit silly but so true! We’ve all woken up in a bad mood before. Or on the wrong side of bed as people like to sarcastically say to you which only ever makes you more moody! Next time you wake up in a grump, blast the tunes and dance around the kitchen in your underwear. I know it’s the last thing you want to do when you’re in a funk but do it anyway! Shake off that bad mood and start your day on a high.



9. Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere

Sometimes we all need a reminder to be kind. Even to that annoying coworker, or grumpy man on the bus. Being kind to others really does make you feel better about yourself. Wake up and tell yourself to be kind today. Open some doors, tell someone they look great, notice your boss's new hair. Go about your day sprinkling kindness everywhere you go, you will feel good and everyone who crosses your path will too.


10. I am letting go

Letting go is one of the hardest things to do. Of anger, of your pain, of yesterday. Every morning is a new start. A clean page in your book. You have the chance to start a fresh. If you had a terrible day yesterday, let it go. Today is a new day and you are in charge of making it wonderful. Say outloud ‘I'm letting go’ visualise all your anger, stress, worry, flying out of your body. It really does help.


A little bit of positivity in the morning can make a world of difference to you day. Don’t use all 10 of these every morning or you will go into inspiration overload and potentially combust. Pick one each day and focus on that. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror. Set it as your phone screen wallpaper so you are reminded of it all day. Or just say it over and over as your drink your morning coffee. If you say something enough your mind will believe it. Go forth and spread positivity. It's catching!



Author: Georgie Parkin

Images: Photo by Evelyn Mostrom on Unsplash Pexels GIPHY

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