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Flowers with impact: Running Brisbane’s only nonprofit florist

Flowers with impact: Running Brisbane’s only nonprofit florist

Brisbane is home to some amazingly talented florists, but none are quite like Just Cause Bunch. As well as their gorgeous daily market bunches and free delivery across Brisbane, Just Cause Bunch is nonprofit and donates 100% of their profits to local charities. As they approach their 2nd anniversary, I caught up with the self-proclaimed (and deservedly so) change makers to find out how it all came about.

Zoie May sits down with the team from Just Cause Bunch...


Where did the idea for Just Cause Bunch come from?
We saw an alignment of circumstance where a niche in the market, a staff with the necessary skills and the motivation of us all to support the community created a unique business opportunity. With an already established foundation in the creative industry, the Just Cause Bunch idea was an opportune outgrowth that allowed us to support the community.

What was the motivation behind starting a not-for-profit that would support local Brisbane causes?
While our initial motivations were to provide funds to the few specific charities that we were already aware of, many more have since come forward that really has opened our eyes to the good work being done in support of worthwhile causes in Brisbane. This dedication to improving the community has inspired us.

Each quarter two new causes are selected to be supported by Just Cause Bunch. How do you determine which causes to support?
While at first we approached charities that we were already familiar with and supported, we now have a wide variety of new charities to choose from as they now approach us. We try to make our choice on what's best for the community and what's near to our hearts. We are never short on worthwhile causes to choose from.

Do you receive feedback from the causes as to how the funds and support they have received has benefited their organisation? Are you able to provide some examples?
We are often invited to see the charity money at work. For example, at Christmas we were invited to an animal shelter and we saw the good work this organisation did in rehoming abandoned animals. Plus we got to pat the dogs which was an extra bonus.

What are some of the backgrounds of those working behind the scenes? Have you and your team come from other NFPs and charities, or is this your first time venturing into this industry?
We already run a boutique advertising agency (Tin Factory Creative) so our established skills in branding and design was an important element for the creation of the new business. It's a mix of graphic designers, florists, technically skilled staff and delivery drivers. While we have participated and contributed to charitable events in the past, this is our first dedicated venture.

 What was the biggest leap of faith in starting Just Cause Bunch?
The entire operation was a giant leap of faith as we had minimal market insight when first starting. We managed the unknowns with a gradual ramping up of product variety and staffing but word of mouth and our charity partners has helped us create a stable and sustainable business.

Your daily floral arrangements are beautiful and thoughtful. Where does the inspiration come from to put together a new and exciting arrangement every day?
Thanks! We hand pick our selection from a local floral wholesaler and make our choices based on seasonal availability and a sixth sense for mixes of colours and types.

What has the response from the Brisbane community been like?
Our customers are pleased, and the worthy causes we donate to are even more pleased. We receive wonderful testimonials and expressions of gratitude so it's been a real win/win situation that keeps our enthusiasm and optimism high – we have big plans for the future and want to be the number one choice for Brisbane flower deliveries.

This quarter, ending in March, Just Cause Bunch are supporting Mater Little Miracles and Gumtree Greys, donating 100% of their profits to these two charities. To lend your support and give a gift with real impact, visit their website and place an order for the next available delivery. Just Cause Bunch can also provide corporate arrangements for large events. Follow the change makers on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their daily market best bunches as they’re announced, as well as information on the causes they are actively supporting.

Author: Zoie May

Images:Just Cause Bunch

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