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Discover: Jennet Liaw, Graphic Designer

Discover: Jennet Liaw, Graphic Designer

fictionalsupply1Where do I begin with Jennet Liaw?   I first discovered her work through Wongfu Productions on Youtube when her creative designs was featured in their films every now and then.   type7  


After a quick trip through her Instagram and website portfolio, I fell in love. Her design work is multifaceted and maintains an authentic, yet quirky, tone that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. It’s no wonder that she’s been named one of the top letterers to follow on Instagram.  

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Liaw currently works for Nike as a sportswear graphic designer, but is also still a  freelance designer with a clear talent for lettering. Her work includes brand strategy, creative direction, editorial illustration, logo design, and typography/ lettering - just to name a few.

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Her ambitious creativity drove her to pursue her passion for design despite not graduating with a design degree. To this day, Liaw still hasn’t taken a single design course. Instead, she created her own curriculum, purchased relevant textbooks (according to top design schools), and studied design autonomously throughout university. Those years had taught her to be a resourceful problem solver, which has evolved into a characteristic aspect in her works.

type2 Now, Liaw’s aesthetic and style is an epitome of contemporary design that is highly sought after today, merging clean lines with minimalist illustrations. Lettering has become popular as more clients crave a sense of authenticity to their brand, an aesthetic that hand-drawn words can achieve. type13 type6 fictionalsupply3

Liaw proclaims that she is obsessed with type and cannot imagine not being so. She believes that while there are definitely rules to design, they can and are asking to be cleverly broken and thus making typography the perfect playground for her.


This can be seen through her typographical works where it’s given her the freedom to express her ideals and breathe new life into familiar phrases or designs - such as a hand-lettered quote being more popular because it’s digestible.

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Using her artistic eye, Liaw questions every stroke she draws. From the kerning to the thickness to the tracking. Her works are a definite eye-catcher with clean and calming aesthetics, but lined with a certain chicness that elevates her rule-breaking designs to a higher level.


Feeling inspired yet? Check out her website for more of her portfolio:   Website | Facebook |  Instagram


Author: Dalina Nguyen

Images: Courtesy of Jennent Liaw

Tags: Creative, Graphic