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Little Veggie Patch Co - Watermelon ‘Bush Sugar Baby’ Heirloom Seeds

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A small space variety that produces early-yielding fruit on a compact vine. Producing melons up to 30cm in diameter, harvest once the fruit pulls easily off the vine. 

When to Plant

Zone 1: October - December

Zone 2: September - December

Zone 3: August - February

Zone 4: February - September


Prepare your soil so that it is free draining and moderately fertile. It will tolerate a number of soil types. Add compost as part of your preparation.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.0


Full sun with plenty of room to move. Position on the edge of your growing space, allowing it to creep away from your growing space, or set up a solid trellis structure to grow vertically.

How to Plant

Sow directly into the patch. The best technique is to sow the seed, at 2-3cm in depth, directly to small mounds of compost that will ensure adequate nutrition and drainage. Keep well-watered up until germination. Melon is not frost-tolerant so it is preferable to plant when conditions are regularly above 18 degrees. If cool, propagate in seed trays, keeping indoors at night and transplant when conditions are right.

Spacing 1m


Companion Plants

Sweet Corn

No. of seeds: 20-25

**Please note seeds are not available for shipping to WA**