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Inking: Rock Pools Large Pouchies

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  • Digitally printed Ripstop
  • Single layer
  • White coil YKK zipper
  • Size: 36 cm wide x 23 cm high x 4 cm flat base
  • Wrist strap measures 3.5 cm x 12 cm 

Inkling Pouchies are all about function, and look good doing it! Made from waterproof ripstop fabric, they’re lightweight yet durable. The wrist strap helps keep your hands free on busy days wrangling tiny kiddos, coffee runs on the weekend or while grabbing drinks with friends.

They’re machine washable and quick drying which makes them perfect for carrying messy things like leaky shampoo bottles, sunscreen or make up while you’re travelling.

They’re available in two sizes, small and large, and have 5 prints for you to choose from.

Their uses are endless and make the perfect gift this Christmas for your nieces, sisters, mother, sister in laws, aunts, your kiddos’ teachers, you name it. Everyone will be able to find a use for a Pouchy!



The Artist & The Process

Kathryn Green is the artist behind Inkling. Inklings start their life the same way; paint, canvas, a handful of paintbrushes and a whole bunch of repurposed tools. Colours are hand mixed in small batches and spatulated, squeegeed and occasionally (it’s slow! I’m impatient!) painted onto canvas. I love colour clashing, line, shape and mark making and favour speed over precision. Having said that though, each canvas still takes at least a day, usually two or three from start to finish.

Once completed, the canvases can be used in multiple ways. The Original Messy Bags and Totes are cut directly from this finished canvas.

Occasionally there’ll be a canvas that wants to live on forever! These canvases get stockpiled, sent off to the pros to be captured digitally before returning to me to face the Big Chop.

Before cutting (almost) every canvas (sometimes I am in a rush and forget!), I snap a pic of the canvas on my phone. I use these images as the basis for recreating the artwork digitally in Illustrator. Put simply, I put the photo in Illustrator and then ‘repaint’ it digitally. It’s just as laborious as painting it the first time around - sometimes more so! - but I love the freedom of being able to tweak the original artwork, scale it up or down and recolour it into new colourways.

These digital artworks can be found on Imprint Messy Bags and Everyday Totes.

Art should be accessible, enjoyable, and functional. Let Inkling bring a piece of functional art to your day.


The Print: Rock Pools

Rock Pools and Things In Dreams are as close as you can get to a piece of Inkling artwork without it actually being a piece of Inkling artwork! They’ve both been photographed and digitally printed at their original scale. They are the prints that are most similar to the Original Inkling Messy Bags. Each bag is cut from a different piece of the canvas so colours, shapes, lines and shapes will vary from bag to bag.

The scale of this print is very large. It means each bag will differ from the Pouchies displayed. Please keep this in mind when choosing which print you’re ordering! Here at Inkling we believe that this is one of those rare adult surprises that are actually fun but totally respect those who are not into being surprised. We recommend choosing from Trinkets, Snacks or Bloom if this is you. 💕