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Aromatherapy Heat & Cold Pack - Lavender (Paradise)

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Aromatherapy heat / cold Lupin packs, with organic Lavender (240 x 120mm)

Made in the Yarra Valley from 100% cotton and Lupins. 

These Aromatherapy Lupin packs can also be used as a heat or cold pack.

We do not recommend that you use this Aromatherapy Lupin pack for both heat and cold. Please use this pack for either heat or cold, as moisture may cause them to catch fire. 

Heat instructions: 

  • place in your microwave for one minute and then thirty seconds each time until you reach your desired heat. 
  • Do not heat for more than two minutes.
  • Do not heat if there is moisture in your Lupin pack.

Handy tip: add a cup of water in the microwave, to ensure that you don’t dry out your lupins.

Cold instructions:

  • Ensure that you place your Lupin bag in a snaplock or enclosed container prior to placing in the freezer.