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Become a stockist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a liliLife stockist, we truly appreciate it 😊

We are careful to work with other businesses that are aligned with our brand values. Exclusivity is important to us too. We don't want for our socks to be in every shop possible, it is important that the retailers that we work with, also get the benefit of being one of a select few retailers.

Quality, not quantity! 😉

Shoot us through an email with a little bit about you, your shop and where you are located and we will shoot you through our Product Catalogue and Line Sheet.



If you wanted to know a little more about liliLife, then read on...

liliLife is a Brisbane-based lifestyle brand with heart and a cause. lili is an acronym, “love it live it”, referring to life. Our content and products are all based around inspiring others to live their own liliLife.

Our brand is centered around supporting an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally friendly mindset. 

Established by Melissa Hoedel after experiencing three of significantly life-changing events several years ago, Melissa has always supported local and independent makers and has a background in fine arts, design, marketing and runs her own Brisbane-based marketing agency, so it was only natural to develop something creative and work with and support local designers and artisans.

A company with a cause!

We aspire to, and inspire you to live your own liliLife.