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Spectacular Cirque Africa

Spectacular Cirque Africa
The sensational Cirque Africa returned to Brisbane just recently, with an energetic, lively performance that hooked the audience from the very beginning.  The cast, led by ‘Papa Africa’ Winston Ruddle, featured some of the best performers from across Africa, who presented an array of exciting acts, supported by live musicians. Acrobatics, uni-cycling, dancing, and stilt walking were just some of the many skills displayed by the talented cast, in their awe inspiring performances. To say we are inspired, is an understatement. The family-friendly performance, combined elements of humour, audience interaction, and traditional live music to keep spectators excited throughout, especially the younger ones. Human pyramids, juggling, balancing acts, and hula hooping, and the many more acts were amazing to see up close in the theatre, and really demonstrated the amazing skills of Cirque Africa’s cast. But don’t take our word for it, here’s some pictures from the show, featuring some of the most impressive acts. Winston Ruddle, founder and director of Cirque Africa, grew up in Zimbabwe, where he became a skilled street performer, before discovering acrobatics. He soon joined the famous Brian Boswell's Circus, before deciding to start his own legacy. He formed a troupe, The Amazing Zimbabwe Brothers, and within no time they were performing in circuses across Australia. He has performing and directing performances ever since, and started his own training academy, and now he brings ‘The greatest show out of Africa’, Cirque Africa, to Australia. The cast of Cirque Africa were so energetic and vibrant, that it’s clear to see they love what they do, and so did we.
Author: Maddie Manwaring Images above: Dan Fidler

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